6 Must-See Waterfalls in Havasupai

So you’ve secured your permits to hike to Havasupai and are wondering what to see when you go? Read on to learn about the 6 waterfalls that you can visit! If you still want to know more about the hike, camping etc, check out my blog post The Ultimate Guide to Hiking to Havasupai

1. Fifty Foot Falls

After hiking 8 miles from the trailhead to the village, you will hike the final 2 miles to the start of the campground. There are 4 waterfalls on the way there, and Fifty Foot Falls is the first. You may be feeling tired at this point and want to get to the campground, but this is worth a stop.


We actually totally missed this waterfall when we first hiked in because it is hidden behind some rocks and greenery. To find it, make a lefthand turn off the main trail if you are hiking towards camp. You will see beautiful turquoise pools and if you hike down then towards the left, you will find it. We ended up hiking back here later on in the day after we set up camp because we met some fellow travelers who told us there was a cave behind one of the middle falls. Adam attempted to find it, but it was too sketchy.


We still enjoyed the water as this was a great place to float around on an inner tube since it was much less crowded than some of the other falls.


2. Navajo Falls


Navajo Falls is located in the same spot as Fifty Foot Falls and is easier to find from the trail. After turning left off of the trail, you will make a right and hike down a hill to get to Navajo Falls. We did not swim here and only spent a few minutes taking photos since we wanted to get to camp, but it’s definitely worth stopping to see! The water looked shallow, so it might also be a good spot to float around.


3. Havasu Falls


Havasu Falls is likely the waterfall you have seen in many photos and the one that made you want to come to Havasupai in the first place. You will be greeted its beautiful view on your right just before you reach the beginning of the campground, and that is the moment that makes the whole hike worth it! It is truly an amazing sight to see and I recommend stopping to take some photos from the rocks above.

Although the waterfall is powerful, there is a pool on the side that is very shallow so that you can float and relax. There is also a picnic table on the rocks to the right, and it it’s not taken, would make a great spot for some lunch. Havasu Falls is the best spot to practice night photography and sunburst shots as well because you are able to see the sky above the canyon wall!


If you are extra daring, you can climb up the moss covered wall next to Havasu and jump into the pool about 15 ft below. Adam was brave enough to do it multiple times and I was happy just to watch 🙂


4. Hidden Falls

I cannot offer any photos or too much info on these falls because we never made it there, but we were told by multiple people that there are “Hidden Falls” before Havasu Falls. If you are hiking from the village towards the campground they will be on the left side of the trail. The trail begins near a small hut-type structure and will take you to the falls where there is another opportunity to cliff jump. If you end up going here or have been, let me know how it is!


5. Mooney Falls

fullsizeoutput_259Mooney Falls is the largest and most powerful of all the waterfalls in Havasupai with water cascading down from nearly 200 feet up. It is only 0.5 miles away from the end of the campground, making it an easy addition to your first day of hiking.


In order descend to Mooney Falls, there is a tunnel through the rocks that you must go through, which may make some feel claustrophobic, but it is not too narrow. When it’s crowded there may be a line forcing you to have to wait within the tunnel, as well as if people want to hike back up since this is the only way to ascend and descend. A sign at the beginning of the tunnel warns you about the climb.

The second half of the descent there are metal chains that you must hold onto while climbing down the rocks. Mist from the waterfall can make it very slippery, so make sure to take it slow and watch your footing. The last few steps require going down multiple wooden ladders.

Once you reach the bottom, look to your right and you will see Mooney Falls in all its glory. The mist coming off the falls will likely get you wet, and we actually got chilly from it even though it was 105 degrees outside!


If you keep walking straight and cross the pool, you will find a rope swing where you can swing into a big pool of water! Mooney Falls is also where the hike to Beaver Falls begins.


6. Beaver Falls


Beaver Falls is a hike that you will want to do on your second or third day at Havasupai because it is 7 miles round trip. The trail begins at the bottom of Mooney Falls if you turn immediately left. I say “trail,” but there are so many different paths to take and places to cross the river, that if you go in the general direction you will eventually reach Beaver Falls. We took two completely different ways going there and hiking back.


We were astonished to see so many trees and so much greenery surrounding the trail since we were in the middle of the desert, but it was a welcomed surprise! In the middle of the day shade is minimal, so be prepared with hat, long sleeves, etc. There are plenty of river crossings throughout the trail to take a dip in when you get hot.

There are quite a few ladders and rocks to climb throughout the trail so be prepared for this. This is also the only time we saw someone from the Havasupai tribe monitoring who arrived at Beaver Falls. We were asked to show our wristbands and he wrote down our names.


Once you arrive at Beaver Falls, you will find 3 different pools that you can swim around in. The largest one offers the chance to cliff jump as well as hang out behind one of the falls in a really cool cave!


We spent probably about 2 hours here exploring, swimming and taking photos. You could easily spend the whole day enjoying the water if you wanted to. Even though 7 miles seems like a lot after the long hike in, it is 100% worth it to get to see Beaver Falls!


So there you have it, all of the major waterfalls you should see when you go to Havasupai! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below 🙂 Here is a link to our GoPro video from Havasupai to see more of what the waterfalls are like:

Havasupai Backpacking Adventure 2018





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