What you Can Expect from BMAC Adventures

If you love exploring new places, hiking new trails, camping out in nature and doing all of these things with your dog, you will feel right at home here! Launched in 2018 as part of a new year’s resolution/goal to share my experiences and photography, this site is meant to help and inform others who are interested in dog-friendly (unless otherwise specified) hiking trails in California, Arizona, Utah, Canada (more places to come!), backpacking, tent and car camping, and anything else you all would like to hear about from our travel experiences.

Do you ever want to plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been and want to find dog-friendly hiking trails and campsites? Do you want to find out about places that are a little less well-known? Do you want to know what to bring and what to expect when you go? My hope is that you will be able to find all that right here!

What does BMAC Stand For?

Barley. Michaela. Adam. Cosmo. Let me introduce the team behind BMAC adventures!

Family Grass Best
Photo by Audrey Ricks Photography


Hey there! My name is Michaela (the author behind this blog) and a girl who has grown to love exploring the outdoors and trying to capture its beauty through photography. I became inspired to get outside and see new things thanks to my rescue boxer named Cosmo. Ask anyone in my family, when I was younger I despised spending time in “nature, nature, nature” as I called it and would only hike if being bribed with food. And camping?! No way. Fast forward about 10 years later and that has all changed thanks to my adventure buddies!


I now have the best adventure partner a girl could ask for! I make the plans for where we go and he makes my plans a reality. Adam is my assistant photographer, the best campsite cook, can carry anything up and down a mountain and is always up for whatever I throw his way. And if something doesn’t go right, you can bet Adam will stay calm and fix it (thank goodness!)


The one who started it all. I adopted Cosmo from a rescue called Last Chance at Life All Breed Rescue when he was 2 years old. Lucky for us, he was a dog with tons of energy, loved to hike and be outdoors, and most of all, loved to be with his humans. Cosmo is the one who kick-started my photography journey because he is such a great model and therefore, inspired me to start traveling and taking photos of not only him, but also the landscapes around us. Cosmo lived a life full of adventure with us for 4 years and has since crossed the rainbow bridge. I am forever grateful for the adventures we had with him, may they continue on with our newest furbaby.

Photo by Jessie Leigh Photography


After losing Cosmo, it took a while, but we finally felt it was time to get another dog. Barley came into our lives right before Christmas and has become the most perfect adventure dog for us! We began taking him hiking when he was just 4 months old and have taken him on numerous road trips and slept in the tent, car and fun hotels. He is up for anything and truly loves being outdoors with us.

I hope you got to know a little bit about what you’ll find here and what we’re all about at BMAC adventures. Please contact us with any questions and engage with us on Instagram!

Michaela’s IG: @b.m.a.c.adventures

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